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High quality video production the USA, Asia and everywhere in between


I was born and raised in Michigan, after 17 winters in the mid-west I decided to go to college at Arizona State University. My undergraduate degree is in Advertising with minors in French and International Business.


I moved to New York City in 1994 to get myself to the next level, for details see “work history.” During my 17 years in New York City I promised myself that I would spend 2 months of every year outside of the country on vacation (travel shoots didn’t count!).  I have been to 64 countries.


In 2004 I started splitting my time by working in NYC during the summers and running a kiteboarding school in Thailand during the winters.


In 2011 my wife and I had twins (born in Bangkok) and we moved back to the US full time. We chose Arizona so our family could enjoy the outdoors year-round.


That same year I began teaching film and television production at a couple universities. In 2016 I completed my Master of Fine Arts degree in Digital Film Production.

Shooting and travel ... it doesn't get any better.



New York City - Arizona - Los Angeles

- SE Asia

R. Todd






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