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Working as a DP in New York City for 18 years exposed me to just about every possible situation; movie premieres and concerts, documentary and reality, fashion and travel, I also shoot surgeries for a few hospitals. From run and gun to fully lit sit-down interviews, you name it, I've shot it.

My early career was mostly Viacom based (MTV, VH-1, Nickelodeon) but after a few years in the trenches I added several new clients to my resume; Martha Stewart, Microsoft, Nike, Disney, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, HBO, Cinemax and MOD Tv. I also began shooting several projects which took me overseas, Madonna in Budapest, a children's wildlife show for Disney, an independent travel show in Africa and Asia, as well as a multi-country project for Microsoft, just to name a few.

In the fall of 2011 I began teaching digital video production at University of Advancing Technology in Arizona and in the spring of 2012 at Grand Canyon University as well. I find teaching to be an extremely rewarding endeavor. I am impressed and inspired by my students and I am excited to lend my years of experience to further hone their skills.

I am also a handheld and fixed camera operator for the Arizona Cardinals NFL, Diamondbacks baseball and Coyotes NHL teams.  I work extensively in NYC and LA during summers.

New York City - Arizona - Los Angeles

- SE Asia

R. Todd






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